Electronic and Computer Musics from my SoundCloud.

Inspiring and Upbeat for Advertising

An inspiring, motivational music track.

A beautiful piano theme with an energetic orchestral summit. The orchestra includes dynamic strings, brass, and drums.

An inspiring, uplifting, motivating, beautiful and emotionally satisfy music track.

I wanted to mix the Symbiotic that published to celebrate Able10 anniversary of Acid Pauli’s, by making small changes with my wife’s Bach cello suite.

Illuyanka, an entrance music for a documentary with electronic instruments, piano, strings, bass, and rhythm.

CH 8,3 Progressive rock-style music with distortion guitar, clean guitar, electric bass, and drums.

Open The Eyes dramatic-ambient music starting with effect, piano solo over the tonbak after joining slow dubstep ritm and congos.

Techro, Techno-style music, composed entirely of electronic voices.

MmjTsm Electronic, Electro House-trip style music, composed entirely of electronic voices plus using sampling sounds.

Inspiring, commercial music with clean guitar, piano, electric bass, and drums.