I studied classical music at Ankara state conservatory in Turkey and I am playing principal bassoon on Antalya State Symphony Orchestra. After many years and many kinds of music as a listener and a player, I think, the experimental electronic music that the most stream rising music in our age. How much EDM genre is very enjoyable for me, I am trying to make deep, refreshing, meditative music which is formed constantly evolving arpeggios. In my personal life, I enjoy playing with my wife who plays cello. We have done many concerts with guitar&cello, basson&cello and electronic music&cello. I arranged Bach cello suite for a guitar accompaniment besides for many Rock and Blues song. Also, we have a project which is for children especially not have to chance to watch classical concerts or any other music concerts. We are going to their schools and introduce our instruments and trying to explain our music. It is such an honor to us. After the activity, I feel full of energy, creativity and happy to do something nice to children. For more music in different styles, you can visit my SoundCloud address.

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